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Now I do want these…

November 22, 2014

It had to happen, sooner or later someone was going to announce that they had one in development. Unloved, slow, noisy, smoky, bland and apart from a late 1970’s version, completely missing from the ready-to-run model scene, the humble and humdrum BR Suburban DMMU.

But riding to the rescue, making that characteristic farting noise and trailing plumes of blue exhaust, come Kernow Models who have commissioned DJ Models to produce 3 car class 116, 117 AND 118 units.


Picture: Kernow Models, via RMWeb

The specification of the new model is certainly impressive from the details already revealed, and I am certainly looking forward to these being released.

And the timing of the announcement is excellent, as my money had been hovering over the APT-E and the Hattons King. Both will no doubt be excellent models, but neither have a place on any layout I own or plan, likewise the GWR steam railmotor, also announced by Kernow/DJ Models today (although that one might be too hard to resist) they would be pure indulgence. Nothing wrong with that, but how much better something which can run on one of my layouts!

So, what should I pre-order? Which class or classes? How many? And will they come with the blinds down behind the cab?



Dishing the dirt

October 10, 2014

I have a confession to make. Usually when I am weathering my locos and stock I go for a “generic” look. While you get over that shock, I should perhaps explain that I don’t go for the “general grot” often used by the RTR manufactures (but which is now seemingly being consigned to history). I will, of course, get a collection of photos of what ever type of vehicle it is that I’m working on. So, my class 50 is in the deplorable filthy oily state that was typical of them in their early years on the Western Region. I have removed the “D” from the number as is correct for 402, and the front jumper cables are in their dark grey (now thought to be unpainted casting) state. But I cannot say that 402 was ever in the oily state that I have modelled it, but I hope that it is typical of its type, and so it may have looked like that at one point.

There is a fine line, I suppose, between “right” and “wrong”. Take my two tone green class 47 for example. (more…)

…the cupboard was bare…

September 7, 2014

Times, they are a changing! In recent years we’ve been used to plenty of models to buy. There was seemingly an endless supply of whatever we wanted. OK, not quite everything, but the shelves in the shops were feeling the strain. And it wasn’t just locos, coaches and wagons aplenty, oh no, there were new ranges of “ready to plant” buildings, and road vehicles in big enough quantities to model the M25 with ease. These were definitely the good times, although little did we know it at the time.

Stocked to the roof

Stock, stacked right to the roof


On the up

May 3, 2014

This may come as startling news, but  I have it on good authority that the end of the world as we know it  is nigh! It must be true, I read it on a model railway forum.

Earlier this week Bachmann took the brave move of advising the model press (and RMWeb forum) of the economic realities of producing toy trains, and thus broke the news that, on average, the prices of new product would be 20% higher than of now. They have yet to release details on a model by model basis, but it is suggested that something like a simple wagon may rise by more than the average because a locomotive is already an item of higher value and therefore carrying its share of the costs.

And predictably this news has led to those “in the know” announcing the end of the world as we know it. (more…)

…then two come along together

January 14, 2014

I know it’s the old story about buses, you wait for ages, then two come along together. Working in the bus industry I’ve heard it all before, but nonetheless it does seem an appropriate title here.


But please don’t think that the other part of the old saying, about waiting for ages, applies in this case. At least that’s not how I see it. I know that some people have got very agitated on a certain model railway forum about the delays to this model, but I really don’t see it as an issue at all.

I’ve long known about these AC Cars railbuses (more…)

Wagon Works

September 28, 2013

A recent flurry of activity has seen me finally complete a number of wagon kits which have been hanging around for far to long. I say finish, but of course what that really means can vary!

Wagon Works

In essence I find it very easy to start a wagon kit, (more…)

Blue Brush

June 19, 2013

Still at Westonmouth Central, Brush Type 4 1723 runs under the new colour light signal gantry just outside the platforms. The new panel signal box is just out of shot to the left.


Leading a nomadic life around many Western, London Midland and Eastern depots, 1723 went on to become 47540 when fitted it electric train heat equipment and would been no stranger to express passenger work. Here the locomotive eases into the parcels depot and a rake of empty vans which it will take out to the carriage sidings.