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“Private and not for publication”

November 8, 2014

For some time now I have been working on a project to write timetable for Mortimore’s Yard. Obviously much of the background was thought out long ago when the layout was first conceived, but this project has meant that much more of the detail has had to be worked out, much more “history” written and “geography” mapped out.

I’m gradually approaching the conclusion of the project now, and will hopefully soon be running the layout to the timetable, with a purpose, rather than just shunting trains and wagons about on a whim, or at best a vague idea of where consignments are travelling from and to.

As part of this project I have been trying to develop a few facsimile working documents, based on those used on the real railway, documents which were always branded with the severe instruction that they are “Private and Not for Publication”

So here is an extract of the appropriate Working Time Table:


There is still some work to do, (more…)


Peak pottering

April 16, 2014

I’ve been researching real Working Time Tables and Trip Working Books for a while now, trying to set some parameters for a authentic schedule for Mortimore’s Yard. It’s been fascinating delving back in time, and I am gradually working towards something useable. But the urge to run some trains got too great and so the layout was powered up.


I expected the track to be filthy, but the liquid cleaner I used some time back seems to be as good as it’s word and does create a dirt inhibiting coating on the railhead. Sure, running wasn’t to “exhibition standard” but I was pleased as the 03 shunter went about it’s business with only the occasional prod.

The yard needed bit of a sort out, (more…)

Back in time

December 27, 2013

There is a wonderful new (OK, recent) invention which allows time travel. No, not a time machine, we’re still waiting for that, but following some activity on a well-known on-line auction site I have been transported back 40 years. My Christmas reading this year has been a selection of late 1960s Working Time Tables. DSC_0048 I’m gradually working my way through the detail with the aim of establishing a realistic set of workings for my Mortimore’s Yard layout. True, the yard itself would have been served by various trip-workings, but these need to connect in with long distance services at the main marshalling yards. The late ’60s are rather earlier than the period I model, but so far that is the closest the auction site has yielded. But the workings therein are amazing to see. Some will no doubt be surprised to see that back then there was a goods train from Stoke Gifford to Exeter Riverside every few hours during the day. Today wagonload freight is gone, completely. But compare that to the passenger side. My local station on the Paddington – Bristol mainline used to have a train in each direction roughly every two hours; today we enjoy trains every half an hour, all day. How times change….

Wagon Works

September 28, 2013

A recent flurry of activity has seen me finally complete a number of wagon kits which have been hanging around for far to long. I say finish, but of course what that really means can vary!

Wagon Works

In essence I find it very easy to start a wagon kit, (more…)

Tea break

July 6, 2013

It must be time for tea at Mortimore’s coal yard, as the Bedford lorry stands, alone, part loaded. Will there be time for another delivery this afternoon, or are these sacks being made ready for tomorrow? Either way there is no activity, but the sounds of the Test cricket commentary waft over from an unseen radio.

Tea break

In  the distance the yard pilot is assembling a train of empty wagons, ready for the evening trip to the main marshalling yard at East Depot.

Creaking in the sun

July 4, 2013

Continuing our walk up the path between the railway and the Scout hut we come to the road entrance to Mortimore’s Yard, and turning left we can walk behind the stop blocks, the typical GWR style spear-point railings dissecting the view into countless thin slices unless you get right up to the bars.

Creaking in the sunshine

Viewed through the gateway is the head shunt at the very end of the branch line. The track here squeals and protests as a heavy locomotive eases its way along it, and beyond a couple of 16 ton steel mineral wagons stand in Mortimore’s private siding, creaking in the sun, awaiting unloading. It might be summer, but the canny householder with a little money to spare will buy their coal now, in anticipation of the winter ahead. The buildings of Mortimore’s business rise in the background, but hurry, that dark sky looks like a storm is brewing; a welcome storm as it will lay the dust and clear the oppressive air.

In a garden

July 2, 2013

If you walk down to the railway bridge near Mortimore’s Yard, but hang a right just before you get there, you’ll find a little footpath which runs along side the Scout hut and then behind the back gardens of the houses in Audley Road. It’s a well trod path for local loco spotters as it rises as you walk way from the railway bridge and it sometimes offers a glimpse of a locomotive standing, otherwise hidden, in the Yard.

But what are those gardens like, over the fence, or behind the wall? Well, the first one after the Scout hut is the home to a flock of chickens, if the sounds are anything to go by. If only we could look over the pre-cast concrete fence…

In a garden