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Tidy wiring

October 20, 2013

Besides working on the visible parts of the layout I have been tidying-up the wiring. Perhaps its a bit unnecessary, but at least I can now see what goes where. Yes, I know that I could (should?) use colour-coding so I know which wire does what. Arguably I do use colour coding: if it’s blue it’s a wire!


So here it is, track power along one side and point operating the other.


Onwards and upwards

October 19, 2013

Progress on London Road Locomotive Sidings has been rather (OK, very) slow of late, but work will pick up now as an exhibition looms!

So, with the façade of the station overall roof constructed it was time to “block-in” more of the structure. This end of the layout will be obscured by a front board – rather like the wings in a theatre, so anything at this end of the layout will be hidden. This might seem a strange set-up, but I feel it’s necessary to disguise the fact that most of the station isn’t modelled, but also to create a dark and dingy feeling to the loco head-shunt which is rather evident from photos of Liverpool Street.


Using the plans drawn up using the well known unit of measurement known as “class 37”(!) the sizes of the various aspects of the end draught screen were drawn up, and the similar structure in line with the head-shunt was then calculated off the sizes of the end screen. The later dimensions are simply to fit the space, and not an attempt to replicate the reality. This aspect of the layout isn’t really “to scale”, more adapted to the needs of the model. Firstly it was very hard to work out how long the head shunt was at Liverpool Street, but secondly I decided that for operational interest on the model the head shunt should be long enough to hold my longest locomotive, albeit parked hard against the layout end board and with the trailing wheels only just clear of the point blades!

The screens themselves are made of Wills Scenic sheets, with a large cut out for the “window”. The window is clear Plasticard with individually cut micro-strip glazing bars – a long and tedious task, but one which gives good results. The windows are opaque, although whether that is by design or through years of dirt isn’t obvious from the photos I have collected.  It is good that the windows aren’t clear though as the use of the enclosed area is a mystery. The end screen makes sense, to stop drafts into the station, but the side screen seems to make a room of that area. Photos of locomotives sitting under this area are dark and gloomy and it suggests that this area is enclosed from above, but I can’t work out what this space was used for. It was fed by the lift, and from the footbridge, but beyond that this area is a mystery.

Don’t box me in

August 17, 2013

It’s been some time since I’ve posted anything about my new layout, London Road Loco Sidings. That’s because I haven’t done much to it. I’m not sure why, but other things seem to have got in the way. The weather hasn’t helped, which might seem an odd statement when railway modelling is largely an indoor activity. However, I have wanted to do some more woodwork, and outside is definitely best for making saw dust.

So with the weather last weekend neither too hot, too cold nor wet the opportunity was taken to get the jigsaw out along with the previously acquired sheets of MDF. As London Road is such a small layout I want it to appear as a working diorama, and use theatre techniques to frame the image.

In a box

After a not too energetic afternoon in the garden the layout now has a “box” in which to live. There is still a long way to go yet, but at least things are progressing once more.

Hey diddle diddle…

May 1, 2012

…the cat and the fiddle (yard).

Rather a misnomer actually, London Road Stabling Point has neither a cat nor, at the moment, a fiddle yard. After bit of a break, following a diversion via Corwen bus garage, Mortimore’s Yard, a spot of cycling, some kayaking, and riding the Cardiff Valleys network, I’ve arrived back at London Road which has been rather neglected of late.

London Road Sidings

London Road Sidings

So, with a up coming week off work (more…)

The one that got away

March 8, 2012

So far, much of what I have built for the London Road Stabling Point layout has gone according to plan. OK there has been the odd remake of small pieces, the windows in one of the arches didn’t look right so were removed and re-fixed in a different way, but basically things have gone well.

There has only really been one “error”, and that is the Building without a homelittle mess hut which was intended for the taxi ramp. Firstly, to be clear, there was no such feature on the ramp at Liverpool Street, this was an idea of my imagination. However, as the layout is rather wider than the actual location I built a wider ramp with the intention of parking various vehicles on it to show off the wonderful van and lorry models now available. But I felt that there should be a reason for the vehicles to stop there, so what better than a office/mess room? (more…)

Gi’e us a lift

March 8, 2012

At the extreme edge of the layout is a lift shaft, a structure which has been an interesting little project in its own right. The finished article will be almost invisible behind the left hand stage “wing”, but it will provide a view blocker where the layout end meets the scenery avoiding a “corner”. The model, therefore, needs only to be a representation, but hopefully a convincing one.

Completed goods liftThe starting point, as with all aspects of this project is, is my collection of photos “harvested” from the internet. These showed the lift in about as much detail as it will be seen on the model, but I felt I’d like to have more information before cutting the plastic. So I went back to Google and Flickr and had another search of the images available. Although the whole area of Liverpool Street which I am modelling is long gone, new photos are appearing on-line all the time. This is a point worth remembering, as gems can appear at any time. To digress, I have been working on a model of the old Bristol Tunnel Inspection Train coach DW150144, (more…)

Saturday working

January 14, 2012

Day Six

Inspired by reasonable progress this week I’m continuing today; weekends and hobbies go well together! The biggest omission so far from the build has been the end of the station overall roof, something which will give an “off scene” area at the opposite end to the fiddle yard. The area isn’t big enough to be a second fiddle yard, nor do I want it to be, but I hope that by boxing in this end of the layout, rather as the fiddle yard end will be, it will suggest that the scene (i.e. the station) goes for some distance beyond the section modelled.

The photos which I had amassed showed that the station roof is a pretty massive affair, but one which is quite low and to a loco on the head shunt, and gives a dark, cramped, feel to the area. Wanting to get the impression of “claustrophobia” correct I searched my photographic stash again, looking to find something suitable scale the structure from. This photo led me to use that well known unit of measurement: the class 37.