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February 3, 2010

The similarity between a throbbing 100mph, 117 ton, 16 cylinder, 2,700hp, Co-Co diesel locomotive and a domestic cleaning appliance will be lost on most. But the nickname “Hoover” was bestowed on the English Electric Type 4 class 50 locos by the enthusiast fraternity, and it has stuck ever since.

The nick name came about due to the air management system which the locomotives were originally fitted with, which made a loud “hoovering” sound. Indeed, they even worked rather like a Hoover, sucking in air and passing it over filters; albeit they dumped the muck and dirt on the track rather than into a huge paper bag!

They also leaked oil all over the place, were prone to electrical flash-overs, and had a reliability record which led to crews calling them the 50/50s as that was probability of actually completing a journey with one! 

But I loved them (more…)


WELCOME to my new blog to record the goings on in the City of Westonmouth.

July 25, 2009

Westonmouth is a fictional city in England’s West Country, set on the Bristol Channel Coast. The city has a mix of industry and docklands to the north and wide sandy beaches to the south. Think Bristol & Avonmouth, mixed with Weston-super-Mare.

The purpose of Westonmouth is to provide a setting for a series of model railways. The layout count currently stands at 3, but who knows what the future may bring.



was the layout which started the whole thing off. Representing a locomotive stabling point, and small Speedlink distribution depot Hillside was built in the 1990s and was set in 1986. The layout was seen at several public exhibitions, before retiring to my spare room where it is still set up, but rarely does anything happen.


Mortimore's Yard

is a fan of 3 sidings set amongst terraced houses. Wagons are collected and distributed around local private sidings in the historic docks area of the City and staged at Mortimore’s Yard before being tripped over to the main marshalling yard for onward movement. Set in the early 1970s Mortimore’s Yard is still on the exhibition circuit.


Westonmouth Central 

was built for the Diesel & Electric Modellers United (DEMU) “Minories” competition in 2007 and represents a small part of the main station in Westmouth. Now freed from  the size constraints of the competition, the need for a better front fascia display has prompted the design and development of a small extension. This layout is also currently on the exhibition circuit and is also set in the 1970s.

This blog will follow developments on these 3 layouts, and anything else related to my railway modelling. I’m not a quick worker, there may be periods where nothing much happens, but it is a hobby after all. Cycling, kayaking, Explorer Scout leading, hiking and relaxing are amongst my hobbies too so there are plenty of things to distract me from model railways!