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Ernie, he drove the fastest milk cart in the west

December 9, 2009

The recently issued die cast milk floats are lovely little models, which really capture the character of the real vehicles, but they can benefit from a little work to make them look even better.

As I am building a milk delivery depot, I need several of each type of float, so one obvious alteration is to change the stack of crates on the flat bed. As produced they come with a modest load, which is possibly a little light, but as I’m modelling the depot they could be partially loaded or unloaded. I remember “our” Marsden float at home sometimes being stacked high with crates, possibly at the weekends when people were buying extra supplies, but when they came round collecting the money on a Saturday lunch time there would only be a few crates on board. (more…)


Watch out, watch out there’s a Humphrey about!

December 5, 2009

In the last few years there has been a sudden explosion in 4mm scale road vehicles, especially those of the  ’60s and early ’70s. Manufacturers such as Oxford Diecast, Pocketbond Classix, Corgi (Lledo) Trackside, Base Toys and EFE have given us a serious traffic jam of vehicles, and many at remarkably low prices. 

As a child of the ’70s many of these vehicle designs form part of my childhood, and I can’t resist them. I can only use a few on my two model railways, yet as each new casting comes out it will usually find its way into my ownership.  Finding a natural home for some of these models led me to idea of building a series of dioramas, little slices of life, where I could recreate memories of 4 decades ago.  (more…)