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You bend ’em; we mend ’em

May 14, 2013

“You bend ’em; we mend ’em”, that was usually the attitude of the Engineers towards the Traffic Department at any bus company, probably still is in some places. Of course, it was usually said in jest, and generally Fitters and Drivers got on fine.

At Westonmouth Hillside there was a large, old bus depot, perched atop the railway retaining wall. It was cramped, outdated, and most importantly to the newly privatised Badgerline bus company situated on a valuable plot of land on one of the main roads into the city. Inevitably the site was sold and a new, modern, efficient depot was built to replace it.

Badgerline workshop



Rail replacement bus service

March 11, 2012

For most people one modelling project at a time is plenty. But of course any given project is made up on numerous elements, different buildings, other scenic items, such as road vehicles, then the all important locomotives and not to mention numerous items of rolling stock. Each a project in itself, from the humblest of goods wagons upwards.

So with Westonmouth Central undergoing some re-fettling, London Road Locomotive Sidings well on the way, and a table-top covered with locomotives gradually being weathered, and “chipped” I head off in another direction, off to north Wales in fact. I have long been attracted to the old Crosville bus garage at Corwen, my initial contact with it being through a Kingsway Models card kit.

I like the idea of a few small, simple dioramas on which I can display some of my model bus collection, and I have researched numerous ideas over the past year or more, but Corwen still keeps coming back to the fore. All sorts of other locations are attractive to me as a modeller, but one constant problem is how big these locations are. Ideally I want the diorama to be about a foot square, not very big in 1:76 scale bus terms! (more…)

Out the depot

July 8, 2010

When I worked in the Bus Industry I was a “Traffic man”. I was a Scheduler, running 165 buses, crewed by some 300 staff working from 10 locations. We were all “Traffic”, i.e. operating staff. A few miles away (1.43 miles, going out there and 1.37 miles coming back, to be precise) was the main depot, where the Engineers lived. We used to have a tame Engineer at the Bus Station, the “Breakdown man” who would keep an eye on things and do the running repairs to keep the buses rolling. Things like a replacement light bulb, tightening up a loose mirror or maybe a jump start. But in general the Engineering Department worked away from us, “out the Depot” as we used to say. (more…)

On the buses – part 2

December 24, 2009

My last post ended with me happily considering the prospect building a diorama of Crosville’s Corwen bus depot.  And that’s how it would have remained but for a photo on the Fotopic front page. I forget the actual image now, but it would have been of a Bristol/ECW combination to attract my attention, and it led to a gallery of United Automobile Services photos. 

I have a soft spot for United (or Uni Ted as we called it, prompted by the huge fleet names the buses carried then) from my days as a HND Transport student at Newcastle Polytechnic, albeit half of the once great empire was by then known as Northumbria Motor Services. To me Northumbria reminded me of home, it’s fleet of Bristol VRTs with Gardner engines, its National 1s and 2s, its Wayfarer 2 ticket machines were all familiar fayre. (more…)

On the buses – part 1

December 24, 2009

The birth of a diorama

Amongst my diorama ideas I’ve wanted to build a small bus depot. Ideally it should be fairly generic in appearance so that I can vary the buses on display. Fortunately my interests tend towards the former Tilling Group companies, and they had a degree of standardisation in their buildings. It wasn’t strictly enforced, many people would never have noticed, and there was much variety, but certainly when I spent a few weeks driving at Chelmsford the bus station architecture had many similarities with my own base in Bath.

But as tempting as Bath or Chelmsford are to model (more…)