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Down at t’yard

July 8, 2010

Some time a go I started a diorama of a builders yard, and rather like a builder’s promise the work has dragged on with nothing much happening. Just like a builder I have plenty of excuses for the delay, kayaking, hiking, lack of modeling enthusiasm, and so on.

But there has finally been some progress. As I have said before the idea of these dioramas is to experiment and try out new ideas, as well as allowing me the opportunity to model scenes, locations and eras beyond those which my “Westonmouth Series” model railways allow. And it’s nice to do something different!

One thing which I have tried out (more…)


A builder’s yard

December 5, 2009

Another diorama I’m building is of a builders yard. This one has progressed to have most of the ground formation and buildings in place. This was the first diorama which I started and uses an off-cut of wood from Westonmouth Central. Using off-cuts was the original idea, but as thoughts and plans have developed it has become apparent that most of my ideas are bigger than the off-cuts and will have to be specially cut from the larger “remainder” of the sheet of MDF.

The spur for this scene was the Hornby Skaledale Nissen hut (R8788), a wartime building which could be modelled in later civilian use. Add a few road vehicles, maybe a tipper truck delivering gravel, the builders truck, and perhaps a car, and that’s the basis of a scene. (more…)