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Something rather different

December 12, 2014

As mentioned in my last post I visited the model railway show at Bishops Cleeve last Saturday and whilst changing buses in Swindon on the way north I had time for a quick scoot round the shops. Or rather I had a look in the model shop window between visiting the cash point and returning to the bus station, but a seed was planted.

I’ve long loved the workhorse of the RAF transport fleet, the venerable Lockheed C-130 Hercules, having watched them in the local skies all of my life. I see them less now they have moved from nearby Lyneham to Brize Norton, and sadly all the old K model craft have now been withdrawn, but still that classic shape is something special as it flies over.

But there is something new in the sky, something I have heard 3 times so far, but have yet to see. The new addition is the first of a fleet of 22 Airbus A400M aircraft which arrived at Brize Norton a few weeks back, and it was a plastic kit for one of these which got my attention in the shop window last Saturday.


With a long Christmas break from work looming, and following some internet research I am now the owner of two model aircraft kits. Arriving first was the massive A400M, followed today by the smaller (albeit to the same scale) Hercules. I chose the older C-130K Hercules, so technically its not correct to display that alongside the new A400M, but what the heck, the K was long part of my life, much as I think the A400 is set to become.


I have yet to settle on which to build first, I need to source RAF decals for the A400M, while for the Hercules I need to decide whether to go for the classic (but challenging) early 1980’s camouflage livery or the later drab mono-colour. But whichever way I decide to proceed, I am looking forward to something rather different on my modelling bench.