A grand day out

I don’t go to many model railway exhibitions, but the few I do select to visit are much anticipated. The shows organised by Mike Walker in Cheltenham usually get my attention, although for whatever reason the usual autumn offering didn’t catch my attention this year. No criticism, just nothing quite fired my enthusiasm. But no worries, this year Mike has organised an additional show, and it’s on this Saturday. It looks like it’ll be an excellent one too!

It’s perhaps unfair to single out any particular layouts, there are a whole host there which I want to see, but the two “headliners” from my point of view are Abbotswood Junction


and Pixash Lane

Pixash Lane

As these photos readily show they very much pander to my Western Region hydraulic leanings, but they are excellent layouts which have an extra special something by running “oil-pushers”.

Another attraction of Mike’s Cheltenham shows is that I make a grand day out by travelling to and from by bus. Using a Stagecoach West “Explorer” ticket it’s cheaper than driving, and I can sit back and enjoy the view. Even better now that the 51 from Swindon to Cheltenham is run with coach seated Scania double deckers. I must remember to catch the D in the opposite direction when I get to Cheltenham as the show is at Bishop’s Cleeve rather than it’s normal venue.

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