Now I do want these…

It had to happen, sooner or later someone was going to announce that they had one in development. Unloved, slow, noisy, smoky, bland and apart from a late 1970’s version, completely missing from the ready-to-run model scene, the humble and humdrum BR Suburban DMMU.

But riding to the rescue, making that characteristic farting noise and trailing plumes of blue exhaust, come Kernow Models who have commissioned DJ Models to produce 3 car class 116, 117 AND 118 units.


Picture: Kernow Models, via RMWeb

The specification of the new model is certainly impressive from the details already revealed, and I am certainly looking forward to these being released.

And the timing of the announcement is excellent, as my money had been hovering over the APT-E and the Hattons King. Both will no doubt be excellent models, but neither have a place on any layout I own or plan, likewise the GWR steam railmotor, also announced by Kernow/DJ Models today (although that one might be too hard to resist) they would be pure indulgence. Nothing wrong with that, but how much better something which can run on one of my layouts!

So, what should I pre-order? Which class or classes? How many? And will they come with the blinds down behind the cab?


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