I never knew I wanted one…

Sometimes something comes along which you just didn’t know you wanted until someone produced it. Rather like the limited edition 0-6-0STs which Hattons announced this week. Produced by DJ Models these retailer specials come in a whole host of tempting liveries, several of which are extremely tempting.

In the end I decided that the Austerity which would be joining my fleet would be No 7 of Littleton Colliery in National Coal Board lined blue livery, with light weathering.J94 BluePerhaps not the obvious new addition to my fleet, but there is something about industrial railways. Often crammed into small spaces, latterly usually looking run down and uncared for they have a special appeal all their own – and of course they are ideal subjects for minimum space layouts. Sure, many industries covered huge areas, some even were rural, but my imagination is fired by the idea of small cramped locations, even if those are just a tiny corner of something much bigger.

So why did I choose the NCB blue version? Simply because this little beauty already sits on my stock shelf, patiently waiting its turn for the limelight.

Sentinel 0-4-0 I hope that they will be very happy together, keeping the “troublesome trucks” in order.


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